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Special Website Offers

Amity Data Control revolutionizes the world of website design for yet another time.

We love gaining new customers and setting the foundations for long lasting business relationships. During the course of each year; Amity Data Control  introduces the Cypriot market to its special offers. We offer great prices when it come to creating professional websites, company logos and corporate business! No matter the scale of project, if you are just establishing a new company here in Cyprus or if you were thinking about having an e-shop; a powerful website for your company, then this might be a good time to give us a call and schedule an appointment!!!

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Doing Business Online

Doing business online is not just a good idea; its the way to the future!

If you have a business in Cyprus, you might have already noticed that many companies are beginning to conduct business online through their websites.  Amity Data Control provides business owners with professionally designed websites; be it they are located in Cyprus or any country in the modern world.The process of creating a website, is no longer localized!

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If you have a shop in Cyprus, then you can easily increase your sales by selling online through a professional e-shop website.

Stores in Cyprus have many reasons to have an e-shop website, but the most important one is to increase sales!  Having your own e-shop website, means that your stores address appears in every home on the planet that has an internet connection!  Wouldn't any business like that?  Gone are the days when you could ...

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e-shops for shop owners

Increase your sales by having a modern e-shop designed for your shop!

websites for professionals

Why not have a multilingual website for your company?  Statistics show that before ceople become clients, they will first check to see if your company has a website and secondly if it it looks professional.

developers & real estate offices

Sell or rent your property from your website! You will be able to manage your properties from your own computer!

websites for restaurants

Locals as well as tourists, are looking online before they visit a restaurant.  A professional website can display your menu in mouthwatering detail and gain new customers!

  • PAST

Yes, there was a time before Internet!  This was not in our distant past, but as early as the 1960's when the concept of Internet was born but it did not have a name.  In 1974 the word "INTERNET" was created mainly as a shortcut to Inter-Networking. In those days the Internet remained in the domain of government & science projects.  1982 was the year when Internet was released globally. Since the mid-1990s the Internet has changed the way we live, the way we think the way we do business.  It has simplified our lives as well as made them more complex.

Worldwide Internet User Statistics
World population6.5 billion6.9 billion 
Not using the Internet84%70% 
Using the Internet16%30% 
Users in the developing world8%21% 
Users in the developed world51%67% 

Today we do business through the Internet like we never did before! The Internet has had a tremendous impact on culture and commerce, including the rise of   near instant communication by email, instant messaging, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) "phone calls", two-way interactive video calls, and the World Wide Web with its discussion forums, blogs, social networking, and online shopping sites. Increasing amounts of data are transmitted at higher and higher speeds over fiber optic network.

Worldwide Internet Users Statistics
World population  7.1 billion
Not using the Internet  61%
Using the Internet  39%
Users in the developing world  31%
Users in the developed world  77%

There is no room to question how much of an impact the Internet will have on our lives.  Statistics already show that more people use the internet today than they did yesterday.  This means that the future of the Internet is bright!  Tradition and quality of workmanship shall never be lost. It is though an undisputed fact that those who solely conduct business in the traditional way shall be overrun by those who understand trends and future prospects.  Enhancing your business by having a professional website will equal more profit for you and your company.  Get in touch with us today via LIVE CHAT / EMAIL or PHONE  and lets set up a meeting where we can talk about how our companies can benefit from working with eachother.